Danet Holiday Inn

The eight-floor Danet Holiday Inn in Abu Dhabi sets a high bar in business hospitality. The hotel offers over 200 standard andexecutive rooms and private suites, state-of-the-art communication services, cafés, and premium facilities, including a roof top leisure center.

Sophisticated dark wood and cool stainless steel, punctuated by fresh flowers and complemented by clean marble floors, make for a contemporary feel with a warm, fresh appeal. The rooms exude a quiet confidence with a minimalist approach that speaks to comfort in every way possible. Colorsare subdued in private rooms for a relaxing and calming atmosphere; in stark contrast, communal receptions are vibrant with playful splashes of color and striking patterns.

The Silk Routes were important paths for cultural, commercial and technological exchange between traders, merchants, pilgrims and urban dwellers from Ancient China, India, Tibet, Persia and Mediterranean countries for almost 3,000 years.The interior design has borrowed heavily from the immense variety of goods, textures, colors and flavors that the Silk Routes made available across the region. This is evident in the selection of cushion covers, in the patterning on upholstery and carpeted areas. It also plays out on the liberal inclusion of artifacts such as vases and visual displays throughout the hotel.