Al Bandar Rotana Hotel


Al Bandar Rotana is a five-star ultra-modern hotel with a striking architectural presence, enjoying a prime waterfront location along the Dubai Creek. 


Featuring 190 uniquely-designed rooms and suites, the Al Bandar Rotana is a preferred destination among travelers for both leisure and business. The atmosphere is open and airy, and this is felt immediately upon entering the lobby, an atrium-style space extending up to a massive skylight surrounded by balconies featuring a variation of geometric patterns. The open space of the lobby is defined by the clusters of breakout spaces in a neutral monochromatic modern palette, with eggplant woolen rugs adding a dash of vibrant colour.


The hotel offers five dining and lounge venues, seamlessly merging into one another through the use of open space, but with each eatery taking diners on a unique gastronomic experience with a distinctive style to suit the theme.

Rooms are fitted out in a neutral palette, dominated by a fresh, natural feel through the use of warm wooden floors and panels and natural lighting. Crisp white linens, clean lines and an interplay of sophisticated textures and designs all add to the truly relaxing and luxurious experience. Bay windows provide plenty of daylight and offer stunning views of the city skyline and waterfront. 


Fresh and elegant, bold and surprising, tranquil and luxurious; Al Bandar Rotana Hotel truly captures the essence of everything a modern hotel should be.