Mezlai Restaurant

Steeped in tradition, Mezlai is a veritable showcase of Middle Eastern stately charm and grandeur. The style takes cues from the grand mosques and private residences of the elite of Cairo, Damascus and other Oriental Cities. The traditional Emirati Room exudes warmth, with earthy colors, soothing lighting and congenial patterns with masharabiya motifs that add an elegant charm to the 160-cover restaurant. Examples of unrivalled splendor in craftsmanship are everywhere. For example, the tables with their marquetry use different woods such as ebony or box, in laid so as to emphasize the geometric patterns. Despite its impressive dimensions and formality, the VIP room is given an added air of privacy and intimacy by the wooden rafters in the ceiling. The beautiful wooden doors return to a time when wood carvers of Persia, Syria, Egypt and Spain produced the most elaborate and minutely delicate woodwork, as well as richly decorated paneling and other designs for wall linings, ceilings, pulpits and all kinds of fittings and furniture.

The arches are similarly carved to make a beautiful complement to the doors and stained glass settings finish off the effect and make a grand statement. Red has been used as an accent in the furniture and accessories in the restaurant; as a social and engaging color, which sits harmoniously with the tradition in the region of generous hospitality and the sharing of a meal as a collective and communal activity. A grand mural representing Abu Dhabi’s heritage and economic growth forms the center piece of the restaurant, which offers indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as a secluded VIP dining areas and a majlis on the second floor.